Speakers' Bureau

The Speakers' Bureau is composed of graduates of the Raising My Voice and Raising My Voice-Kin programs who have chosen to share their compelling personal narratives with new audiences.

Raising My Voice is a leadership training program for formerly incarcerated individuals that helps participants develop public speaking skills, prepares them to serve as advocates for effective, humane reentry policies and practices, and fosters civic engagement. 

Our speakers have spoken at different places including Harvard and Princeton University, United Nations International School, and St. John the Divine.

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The speakers’ warmth, humor, honesty, and bravery melted any barrier between my students and the speakers. By the end of the session, my students were begging for more time. We were all laughing and joking and even hugging.

What We Offer

Our speakers will have you in awe when you hear about the incredible challenges they have overcome. Our Raising My Voice speaker will share their personal narrative for a talk lasting approximately 10 minutes. Their stories are powerful personal examples of how the criminal justice system and mass incarceration touches lives, families, and communities. These men and women are the most courageous people you will ever meet. 

A representative of Circles of Support will accompany the speaker to give an overview of the RMV program. The representative will also act as a mediator for the Q&A session for the audience.

What You Provide

Venue: Host organizations generally provide the venue. If you are unable to secure a venue, let us know and we will help you find a location.

Honorarium: Hosts provide an honorarium for our speakers. We can discuss the appropriate honorarium based on your needs and event specifics.

This is a life-changing benefit for the speaker as well as the participants. Our speakers are always honing their craft, and the opportunity to share a personal story benefits not only that speaker but raises crucial awareness about our country's system of mass incarceration.

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