Community Engagement

A key part of the mission of Circles of Support is community engagement. We believe that communities are strengthened by formerly incarcerated individuals and their families.  Along with our partners, we offer a variety of events, programs, and activities designed to engage the whole family and community.


Speakers and Lectures

Our lectures bring leaders in the criminal justice movement, advocates for social change, and members of the faith communities together in Harlem for meaningful conversations around incarceration. We want to change the discourse by encouraging formerly incarcerated individuals to actively participate in criminal justice at every level. 


Community Events

Our community events are designed to bring together families and loved ones of formerly incarcerated individuals. These events bring together folks from all of our different programs and provides an opportunity to build community. We make sure they are safe, supportive, and most importantly, fun!

Family orientation

Circles of Support hosts family orientations, in which family members meet their loved ones' reentry team and are invited to partner with them in the reentry process. All orientations include a family dinner!