Who are our participants?

Our participants come from Harlem, but that is where the similarities end. They are diverse in age, background, gender, and race. They all are looking to grow as individuals and develop the skills to tell their stories as advocates for change. 

The best thing about Raising My Voice is the warm and loving atmosphere. The encouragement, the instructions, and the feedback from the group enabled me to come out of my shell and share my story with others.
— Raising My Voice Participant
Raising My Voice Kin has enabled me to develop my own speaking service, sharing eclectic narratives of experiences with the criminal justice system and how mass incarceration touches the lives of the incarcerated, their families, and the challenges of making social adjustments.
— Raising My Voice Kin Participant
From this support group I can honestly say: I am not alone. I have met women in the group who have become my closest friends and sisters, and for that I am grateful.
— Talk2Me Participant

Our work and the work of our partners impacts people at various parts of their reentry. Here's how we focus on giving people the chances they need to succeed.