One year ago over 400 community members joined Circles of Support at #KNOWJUSTICEHARLEM featuring Bryan Stevenson in a discussion on mass incarceration and a call to action supporting Raise the Age.

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May 10 Day of Advocacy for Parole and Prison Justice

COS joined over 300 advocates to support parole and prison justice reform in Albany. Over 70 meetings with state legislators took place to increase support for the S.A.F.E. Parole Act and to ask for a restructuring of the NYS Parole Board.

Lisa Cito
Raising My Voice Graduation

A graduation ceremony for the 4th cycle of Raising My Voice will be held tonight at Church of the Heavenly Rest. Book a speaker today!

Lisa Cito
Videos from Impact Prisons 2017

Impact Prisons is a six-month project dedicated to educating the public on the United States Prison System and Criminal Justice Reform and supporting intelligent and hopefully transformative improvements. Check out videos from the project below.

Lisa Cito
Impact Prisons 2017

Together with Columbia Business School, the Charles Koch Institute, Archie and Bold Business, the J.C. Flowers Foundation sponsored a panel of experts featuring the culmination of a 6-month-long project by Impact Prisons. 

Jail in New York City: Evidence-Based Reforms

The Center for Court Innovation, together with the Vera Institute for Justice, published a report based on extensive analysis of data from the New York City jail system. This report is part of a growing body of evidence and support for decreasing the jail population and decreasing jail time for individuals. 

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The Moth

On February 19, 2017, Circles of Support hosted a 2-day training in Harlem in which graduates bravely shared a personal story for a taping of The Moth podcast.