Jail in New York City: Evidence-Based Reforms

The Center for Court Innovation, together with the Vera Institute for Justice, published a report based on extensive analysis of data from the New York City jail system. This report is part of a growing body of evidence and support for decreasing the jail population and decreasing jail time for individuals. 

Findings from the report include: 

  • Of those detained awaiting trial because of an inability to make bail, the majority posed no significant risk to public safety.
  • An improved bail payment system would allow large numbers of defendants to avoid short-term jail stays.
  • The city could make more use of early diversion before cases enter the court system, especially in the case of young, misdemeanor defendants.
  • The reliance on short sentences in misdemeanor cases may be counter-productive inasmuch as research shows even brief jail stays increase the risk of future criminal behavior while providing no benefit to public safety.

Get the report here.

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