Life After Incarceration: New Research from Harvard

The JC Flowers Foundation, together with the Charles Koch Foundation and the Harvard Kennedy School’s Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management, brought together criminal justice experts to analyze and understand how we can better approach the unique issues of life after incarceration. 

The broken system and its lack of effectiveness had a personal impact on Thomas Edwards, community engagement manager of Circles of Support, who spoke candidly about his own re-integration process after incarceration. “Crime is a subculture. [As a child,] there were no social workers on the street for me at three a.m. I was going in and out of institutions—I was a victim long before I was a criminal. I had no faith in the system, so I lived outside the system.”

“Incarceration is fundamentally disruptive,” said Bruce Western, “and there needs to be serious readjustment to how we view life after incarceration.”

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